Written by CTM on June 26th, 2010

The at-sea portion of the documentary filming phase of our time on Ventotene effectively came to an end on Tuesday the 22ed of June with the completion of the deep dive on site 3, the Cylinder Wreck. The divers successfully completed their 4+ hour, in-water decompression drifting with the currents. The non-dive support part of the team headed into port to check the results of filming on-site and determine the remaining support footage to be shot before the Windfall Films team departs on Wednesday. A number of interviews were conducted with various team members to be used to explain various activities shown in the final film.

With on-site filming complete the Deep Divers, Carabinieri Dive team and Windfall crew made preparations to depart on Wednesday’s ferries. To acknowledge the mutual contributions our collective successful effort and our Island volunteer support (diving, harbor/berthing support, fork-lift, education /museum) we held the traditional end of project social onboard the Fortaleza.


AURORA furnished the venue, food and wine; the Carabinieri provided sweets and the wonderful singing voice of Alberto with a selection of traditional Neapolitan songs and the Windfall team provided enough Garum, a Roman fish sauce (from a old family recipe we are told) add to the air of authenticity (I guess that was the aroma in the air) to our explorations; and we had an ample supply to go around.

Carabinieri Escort for Recovered Amphora

The amphora recovered on the initial dive was removed from its bath-tub of fresh water on the Fortaleza and escorted by the Carabinieri to its new home in the AURORA ROOM of the Ventotene museum where it will complete the conservation process prior to being put on display with other items collected last season during our visit.


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