Ventotene Day 6

Written by CTM on June 21st, 2010

We had hoped to slip out of the harbor during a predicted lull in the windy weather we’ve been having, however the lull never materialized. We did venture out (along with the Carabinieri divers) to check out the conditions on site and found them worse than yesterday; stronger winds (20 kts +) and larger swells 2 meters)! We quickly concluded today was not a dive day and retreated back into the safety of the harbor. The Fortaleza remained at anchor sheltered by the Island just off the old Roman harbor.

Timmy takes the lead in filming a segment about the Roman Harbor

The film crew from Windfall Films made good use of their time by filming interviews with the expedition participants and short segments around the harbor and aboard Fortaleza. We appear to be creating a new generation of film stars within our multi-talented team; perhaps there’s a change of careers in the future! Also, one of the directors took advantage of the lull in off shore activity and left us to begin the long trip home. Much work remains to make arrangements for the work scheduled for the fall and our Florida office will be in a better place in which to communicate the details.

Ian heads for the afternoon ferry


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