Written by CTM on June 20th, 2010

The morning found us in port, but with a strong wind blowing around the Island and whipping up the seas just past the breakwater. The Fortaleza was surging against her moorings and the wind was attempting to push us up against the dock; and predicted to increase in strength! The project team gathered on Fortaleza for breakfast and to discuss what could be accomplished given the winds and seas observed in all the dive sights.

The planning session reconvened to the shore to allow the Fortaleza to leave the harbor and move to a sheltered anchorage between Ventotene and Santo Stefano so as not to be beat against the stone dock. The project team (Carabinieri Divers; Roberto; Windfall Films and ourselves) concluded that conditions were too hazardous at all the wreck sites to safely conduct diving operations, but we could work in the channel between the two Islands to compile film footage that supported the story line.

1st Century BC Amphora in temporary storage

We spent the day working with the Windfall Film team accumulating support footage for the ultimate documentary film that will tell a story of Roman Ventotene and the relationship between the Islands; the empire and the sea.


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