Ventotene Day 4

Written by CTM on June 19th, 2010

The first diving day found us in a beehive of activity. Split between the divers preparations for a 112 meter dive; Rov support preparations on ISIS and working with the filming crew to meet their requirements, all hands were engaged in working toward a mid-morning departure from the harbor. Rigging for the planned recovery of a sample amphora from this wreck was checked and rechecked to insure the divers would have an easy time securing the recovery line (doubling as a marker/down line) to a selected amphora.

The ISIS was first on site and deployed the marker/down line near the wreck. The ROV was then deployed to confirm the position of the down-line as next to the wreck and in range for the divers. The divers, Roberto and Marco supported by the Carabinieri divers, arrived shortly after the line was deployed. Once in the water the divers utilized the marker line as a guide to the wreck. Once at the wreck site, the divers, supported by the ROV operated from ISIS above, began filming the wreck. Photography at the wreck was marginal due to the massive amounts of sea-grass that had accumulated around the wreck during the months since our last visit. Also, the presence of a dark layer of particles encountered by the divers in route to the bottom further reduced the amount of light filtering to the sea floor and made filming a further challenge.

Before departing the wreck site Marco secured a previously placed length of line that had been attached to the marker line, to an amphora selected for recovery. The divers slowly rose toward the surface and their lengthy (3+ Hours) decompression schedule. When the divers were safely away, the ROV was recovered and the ISIS moved into position to recover the amphorae waiting on the seafloor. With a few anxious moments and support from the Carabinieri divers, the amphora was finally recovered to the ISIS and was heading toward its new home on Ventotene.


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